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Ben Plugs in

August 26, 2011

Plugging-in attaches you to the resources and care of the church.

Plugging into a church is really important and something which was a high priority for me when coming to University.

I have found that when I meet with other Christians, whether it is on Sunday morning, or during midweek meetings or activities, it encourages me greatly. Thereís something about interacting with people who share the same view of life as you, that encourages, but also spurs you on.

Iíve found that being part of a church spurs me on towards God.

Church also widens your social circle.

A lot of my fellow students have a very small friendship group which consists predominantly of their friends at uni. In comparison, through being connected to a church, I have a much larger friendship group, that includes people who I otherwise would not interact with. This also is a great resource, as many of the people I interact with at church are older than me, and itís a great source of advice and care.

I have found that connecting with a church has been vital to my journey with God and has encouraged me, equipped me and inspired me to pursue God in the midst of the University environment.



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