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What some students have said about Alpha

September 10, 2005

Alpha has benefited me In too many ways to write down… my whole outlook on life has changed – there really is more to life than I thought.
John, Lancaster Uni

Jesus has made me see the world in a completely different way
Sarah, Roehampton Uni

When I went along, I enjoyed it at once. There were probably about five non-believers including me. I was an atheist. I genuinely didn’t believe there was a God at all. We had a good meal, then watched a video. Each time I wanted to go back. I asked lots of questions. On week three, I prayed and said sorry for all the things that I had done wrong. I invited God in and although nothing major happened, I knew. I knew that it was real and that I was being changed. Before Alpha, I didn’t know anything about Jesus at all. Now I depend on him completely
Matt, Birmingham Uni

I made it my mission to try and make head and tail of this Christianity business – I decided that either it was a load of nonsense, or there must be something in it.  So I thought I’d go along to the Alpha Course at my university and see what it had to offer.  I found Alpha a really good place to chew over some of the doubts I had about what I’d heard. To be honest,  I’ve never looked back – I have found God, he has given me a whole new perspective on my life. It’s now that I realise just how lost I was when I began university. Its an awesome thing to know that God does care about me and that He does have a plan and purpose for my life.
Martin, Strathclyde Uni

Before Alpha, Jesus was this kind of blurred figure. It is only now that I realise he did die for me, which is just the most amazing thing.  I never thought of the Bible as being relevant or useful to me – now I see it as the guide book to my life.
Helene, Guy’s and St Thomas’, London

I met Jesus Christ at Alpha for Students.  With God’s help, I am learning to become the person that he always intended me to be: just like him, and yet totally unique from every other individual on the face of the globe!  No one but Jesus can give you confidence like that.
Hazel, Manchester Met Uni

As the course went on, I got more and more agitated that nobody had told me this stuff about Jesus before. Why didn’t my RE teacher teach me that?!
Olly, Oxford Brookes Uni

Student culture sets itself up for the question to be asked: “What is the meaning of life?” This question is posed all around and the Alpha Course with its informal style allows for a forum of dialogue with some real answers to their questions.
John, Hull

We often find it possible to witness to our friends but become unstuck when it comes to encouraging them to make a decision for themselves. AfS takes the embarrassment and awkwardness out of that situation and does all the hard work for you.
Mat, Manchester

When I was first asked to lead an Alpha small group I was quite shocked and unsure if I would be good enough.  I'm so glad I did it though because it not only touched the hearts of unbelievers in front of my eyes, it built me up in my faith and encouraged me so much.
Andy, Winchester

It's been an amazing experience, I've learnt so much about God, myself, other people, organising Alpha and what Alpha's about.  There were so many ways that we could have done it better this term but it didn't really matter because God blessed what we did and it’s a challenge to put everything we've learnt into the next one.
Abi, Roehampton

Alpha has taken me and the rest of our believing students from a mentality of 'we have the answers and need to make people believe' to 'we are learning as well and we would love to invite people along into that process.'
Stefanie, USA




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