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York Korean Church

August 3, 2005

Hi! My name is Hyun Jin Jung and I am a minister from Korea and serving the York Korean Church in Heslington.

It is a great honour to introduce myself here at YorkStudents. I am very enthusiastic about Internet and always think it as a great way to introduce Jesus to so many people, especially young people.

I am a Korean Methodist minister and also a missionary. I was once a student in England, did A-levels and BA Theology. Then I went back to Korea, but to return. It may sound funny that I am sent to England as a missionary but think it as paying the debt that we owed from a hundred years ago when the British missionaries came to our country and did wonderful things for us.

I love York city, charming and great history, and this is almost my home to me. I studied A-levels at York Sixth Form college. So it is great to live here and study. York was once the capital of Christianity and my wish is that it can become again.

York Korean Church has begun November last year and people tell me that it is so unique because of foreign background. Every church is unique but also in Christ we are one. We Koreans are very passionate about Jesus, we just can't get enough. Everywhere we go, we build a church first. If you come to Korea we would be so surprised to see how many churches are there.

We have a small number of Koreans living in York, but the number isn't a problem. We still have a great passion. Everywhere we go, we want to worship God and want to be disciples of Christ. 

At the moment, we are mainly focusing on Korean people but we want to expand our boundaries. I know that different languages and cultures will not make easy but we want to share our faith and passion and love with you. We are lucky to be based in the York University. Here are so many people and much thing to do. We want to emphasis on Foreign students. When these foreign students go back home they will probably never hear the name Jesus, but here might be their only chance they will here and listen to what we say.

We don't want to be just Korean church, we want to become a international church. I want these Korean people to be the disciples and also messengers of Jesus. I want this church to be the centre of mission in York. 

If you are coming to York University and are interested in Jesus or Christianity, feel free to contact me by telephone on 01904 426169 or e-mail. Thank you.

The York Korean Church meets at Heslington Church every Sunday at 2pm. The service is held in the Korean language.




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