The plug-in site for students in York at college or university connecting with the Churches of York

Plug In!

August 5, 2005

There has never been a better time to get involved in the local churches of York!

Plugging-in can make you feel at home
Plugging-in can give you a ready made circle of friends
Plugging-in can help you find answers that matter
Plugging-in can help you become or develop as a Christian
Plugging-in will get you support when you need it most
Plugging-in attaches you to the resources and care of the church
Plugging-in gives you opportunity to make relationships that can last a lifetime
Plugging-in allows you to really belong!
Plugging-in gives you opportunity to get involved.

The churches of York listed in our directory are student friendly and would love to welcome you this weekend.

Here at yorkstudents we want to link York students up with something even better than the students union! You can be an alumni of a great York church as well as a great York educational institution.

Plug-in to a local church and make your studying in York a whole universe bigger than university and a much wider collage of interesting experiences than you can get in college alone.



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